The Devoll Hydropower Project will create a large number of jobs. Devoll Hydropower Sh.A. itself will only employ a limited number of mostly highly qualified personnel directly.
The major part of employment will happen during Construction Phase, planned to start in 2013. Then our contractors will be the main employer and will do most of the hiring. Priority shall be given to qualified Albanian personnel living in or around the project area, and also other parts of the country. The place of work is in the Project Area situated in the Devoll Valley. The main town in the project area is Gramsh. For personnel hired for office work, designated offices will be set up close to the construction site, for ground work, the work will be performed in the construction site.

Applying for employment
Anyone interested to be part of a dynamic and international environment and contribute to the development of the clean energy sector in Albania is encouraged to send his/her Curriculum Vitae, together with an Interest letter to the below e-mailing address:
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Senior Surveyor

Resident Engineer

Geotechnical & Materials Engineer



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