The ESIA for the DHP project has started beginning of 2010 and has been finalized in Autumn 2011 with the granting of the Environmental Permit by the Albanian Government.

Devoll Hydropower has engaged independent consultants to conduct and carry out an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).
This assessment is done respecting of Albanian legislation (Law 8990, date 23.01.2003, as amended) and international standards.
The ESIA is an independent assessment of the potential impacts of the DHP project and serves to:

  • Identify and assess the possible (positive and negative) social and environmental impacts in the DHP’s area of influence
  • Propose measures to avoid, or where avoidance is not possible, mitigate, or compensate negative impacts on affected communities and the environment
  • Ensure affected communities are appropriately consulted on issues that potentially affect them

As part of the ESIA process the Draft ESIA Report Executive Summary was disclosed publicly and Public Hearings were conducted in September 2011. During these Public Hearings, held in Gramsh and Moglicë, the findings of the assessments were presented and discussed with the general public. The Public Hearings were attended by more than 1.300 persons.

After the public discussion the Final ESIA Report was prepared, with the feedback from stakeholders integrated. The Final ESIA Report was the basis for obtaining the Environmental Permit.

The ESIA serves as a basis for the preparation of the Resettlement Action Plan and Environmental and Social Management Plans.

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