Due to the construction and/or operation of Devoll Hydropower Project, some existing private properties will be under water (inundated) or otherwise become unusable.

The expropriation process in the DHP project involves compensation by the Government to legal property owners affected by the implementation of the project. The expropriation process and related procedures are under the responsibility of and will be executed by the Government of Albania. The costs of this compensation will be covered by DHP.

In April 2012, the expropriation list for the properties affected by the Devoll Hydropower Project was published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy.

According to the Expropriation Law, after this publication there is a timeframe dedicated for claims related to the expropriation list. After the claim period the expropriation list shall be finalized.

After a respective Decision of the Council of Ministers, the transfer of ownership from private to state will be executed and the compensation fees will be paid to the owners.

In parallel with the expropriation process conducted by the Government of Albania, DHP will conduct the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Process, which is supplementary to Expropriation Process in order to ensure that impacted households will have the same standard of living after the implementation of the project. Click here for more information about RAP.

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