The RAP specifies DHP’s procedures to mitigate adverse effects, compensate losses and, where applicable, provide development benefits to persons and communities affected by the project. The RAP is prepared in cooperation with project affected people to find acceptable solutions for resettlement and compensation.

RAP Compensation
RAP compensation will primary be based on agricultural livelihood packages and not cash compensation. Both legal owners and users of land will be entitled to get compensation corresponding to their losses. Legal owners and users will be treated differently. In order to come to a fair RAP compensation an inventory of assets impacted by the project shall be conducted.

Your Involvement
If you are affected by the Devoll Hydropower Project, the impact caused to you or your household will be assessed. You will be involved and consulted to agree together with DHP on a compensation solution.

DHP’s Commitment
The environmental and social responsibilities are considered an integral part of the project development. The principle applied in this regard is that the impacted households will have the same or better standard of living than they had before the project implementation.

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