Banjë HPP will be the first step in the development sequence of the Devoll Hydropower Project. It will use the existing cofferdam structure which will be raised to 175 m above sea level. HPP Banjë utilizes a head between 175 and 95 m above sea level. The dam will be constructed as an embankment dam with an impervious clay core with an approx. height of 80 m. The reservoir will have a surface area of about 14 km², an area comparable to 2000 football fields. The reservoir will reach from Banjë nearly up to Gramsh. The storage capacity of the reservoir is of approx. 400 million m³. The Power plant will use two Francis turbine units and will have an installed capacity of approx. 65 MW and will generate yearly an average of approx. 250 GWh.

Banjë HPP is developed in the area of Pishaj and Sult communes and Gramsh Municipality in Gramsh District and Tregan, Gostimë and Klos communes in Elbasan District.

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