Moglicë HPP is the upper and largest power plant of the DHP project. It utilizes a head of 300 m between 650 and 350 m above sea level. The 150 m high dam is an asphalt-core rock-filled structure and will be the highest of its kind in the world. The reservoir has a storage capacity of approx. 360 million m³. The reservoir created will have a surface area of about 7.2 km², an area comparable to 1000 football fields. The Moglicë Power Plant will receive its water through a 10.7 km long tunnel (see dashed blue line) from the Moglicë reservoir. Moglicë HPP will use two Francis turbine units and will have an installed capacity of approx. 175 MW and will generate yearly an average of approx. 450 GWh. After utilization at the Moglicë HPP the water will flow into the Kokël reservoir.

Moglicë HPP is developed in the area of Moglicë, Lekas and Gore communes in Korçë District and Lenie commune in Gramsh District.

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