The Devoll Hydropower Project is located in the Devoll Valley, in the south-eastern part of Albania. In the Concession Agreement the project or concession area is defined with the area of the Devoll River between 95 and 810 m above sea level, which is located between Banjë Village in Elbasan District and Maliq Municipality in Korçë District.

The Devoll catchment area covers the Korçë plateau, the mountainous middle reaches of Devoll and Tomorricë rivers down to Gramsh and the undulating hilly countryside from Gramsh down to Kozare. At Kozare in Kuçovë District the Devoll River joins with Osum River and takes the name of Seman River, which in turn flows into the Adriatic Sea.

The project area spreads over the districts Elbasan, Gramsh and Korçë.
The largest town in the project area is Gramsh, with approx. 15.000 inhabitants.

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