The DHP Project consists of:
Development, planning, construction and operation of three hydropower plants along the Devoll River with an installed capacity of approx. 280 MW. By the Concession Agreement DHP has earned the right to harness the hydrological potential of the Devoll River between 95 and 810 m above sea level, between Banjë Village in Elbasan District and Maliq Municipality in Korçë District.

Through the three hydropower plants, Banjë HPP, Kokël HPP and Moglicë HPP the project will yearly generate approx. 800 GWh of renewable, environmental-friendly energy once the power plants are constructed and operating, increasing the current electricity production in Albania by approx. 20%. Based on average electricity consumption per Albanian household of 200 kWh/month, the energy generated by the Devoll Hydropower Project can supply more than 300.000 Albanian households.

Devoll Hydropower Project is currently one of the largest hydropower investments in the Balkans and the first large scale Public-Private-Partnership investment in Albania.

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