The Devoll Hydropower Project will include the construction of two transmission lines; one 220 kV line and one 110 kV line.
These two transmission lines will connect the three power plants to the Albanian national electricity grid.

1. Moglicë HPP – Kokël HPP – Elbasan 2 substation
220 kV line – approx. 48 km
This Transmission Line will be constructed in the area of Kodovjat and Pishaj communes in Gramsh District and Tregan and Shirgjan Communes and Elbasan Municipality in Elbasan District.

2. Banjë HPP – Cërrik substation
110 kV line – approx.12 km
This transmission line will be constructed in the area of Gostimë and Gjergjan Commune and Cërrik Municipality in Elbasan District.

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