By the implementation of the project, existing infrastructure will be affected and needs to be replaced. According to the Concession Agreement, the Government of Albania (Contracting Authority) is responsible to plan and construct the new Replacement Infrastructure. For that reason the Government of Albania has established an Institutional Working Group (IWG) consisting of representatives of the relevant ministries and directorates.

In the first months of 2012 the Albanian authorities, central and local government in the DHP project area, together with DHP, have finalized the inventory of all infrastructure impacted by the Devoll Hydropower Project. This inventory was the first phase of the Replacement Infrastructure process.

Future phases:

  • Planning and designing of the Replacement Infrastructure
  • Construction of the Replacement infrastructure

Currently, the Government of Albania is in the process of designing the replacement road Gramsh – Banjë. The construction of this road is planned to start 2013.

The new replacement infrastructure shall be in place before inundation of the existing infrastructure.

DHP supports the IWG and affected parties in finding acceptable solutions for the replacement infrastructure.

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